Universe Winked

Xmas this year came and went easily, compared to recent past times. The children now were not expecting or getting extravagant presents this year which meant that fiscally I was in a great place. There was no need for me to struggle and apply for loans as I have been doing the past ten or so years around xmas time. My daughter and I put up the tree around twelve days before xmas with a small amount of cards and decorations, transforming the living room in half a day. The next time I began to think on xmas was the Friday before the Sunday, two days before. My tasks included a food shop in the morning, picking up presents in the afternoon and cleaning the house early evening. The hoover was set about the carpet when the door was rapped loudly, putting the hoover down I answered the door to be given a Kentucky Fried chicken bucket by my neighbour. Bingo, no cooking today, I thanked Liz and called my daughter to the kitchen to get some chicken. Eight o’clock soaking in a hot bubble bath I reflect on the fact that I expended the least effort and still xmas was ready to go in our home. Then I thought briefly about the people that begin to prepare in September, before settling down to have a close shave. After all we mostly focus on two days and then for most it is over, a friend of mine surprised me after Boxing day when he told me his dinner consisted of a box of matchsticks, (orange flavour) and I cant remember what else. I told him that he should have let me know as I could easily have put out two more dinners. Its done now, today the same bloke phoned me at ten thirty, picking me up ten minutes later. After a few stops we ended up at his house and ordered some supplies. We were joined by another two lads who also ordered, before long the room filled with conversation and heavy smoke. A great afternoon ensued before the lads left and my mate and me went to the chemist. The roads and pavement were slippy with a thick film of ice lingering on from the previous night. Cold air affected my breathing somewhat, yet I admired the change in the weather for it’s ability to make us tread differently. At the chemist I was approached by a friend on a bike, he had just been to my house looking for me. Needing to phone the post office to order a replacement cash card he asked to use my house phone so I walked to mine and let him make the call. We had coffee while indoors, but left after fifteen mins, me back to my mates while he went to pick up a new card. Cash was low as is usual just after xmas so although it would have been nice to carry on smoking it was not happening. At my mates I was treated to a small hit which was a nice surprise. Then the phone rang for me and I caught a lucky break. Telling my mate and his wife I would return later I jogged home, just round the corner basically. Another associate needed a favour from me and I duly obliged to be rewarded with four fat ten pound stones. Imagine how I felt. I put the big pan of home made chicken soup on the hob to warm through, it was made yesterday but there was enough left for today. I then phoned my mate to come and get a stone which he did, and prepared the bowls for tea. My son and daughter plus their mother had a bowl, I had a bowl and the rest went in a container for my mate and his wife. Not bragging but it really tasted nice and there were only bones left by anybody. Quickly blitzing the dishes I sat down with a glass of red wine and a few stones, buzzing. My little bundle was enhanced when I ordered two for another and received one for the favour. Soon I was alone nodding in and out of sleep trying to watch tv. Ten past midnight and my post office mate turned up wanting to order which we did, I got three more, and when he left a girl got me one more which is nearly gone. Today has been one of those rare days when the universe smiled upon me and I will sleep well soon, peace to all

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