Brotherly Judge

Eeeuw, what? Its alright for you to blaze weed every day, but I fire up a rock and this is what you say, not to mention all the beer that you be drinking, looking at me, boy, what the hell you thinking? In a way all I see is ignorance, the difference between yours and mine circumstance. Eeeew, you so judgemental, try to mess with my mental, but to no avail, write me a postcard and put it in the mail, I may read it later but please don’t hold your breath. If you not sure how to take it then just have a guess, me I know i’m blessed. I go by the motto “live and let live” if you can help another then it is better to give. Don’t be judging others less you be judged yourself, people living in glass houses should not be quick to throw stones. Been a while since I cared what a person thinks about me, I raised my kids what “I” call properly. Since then I only answer to my kids cos they did not ask to be lived. My duty was to raise them right and every single day and night I did my best to raise them right. I as a man was not perfect, I had a vice never licked it, but I kept it on the low made sure I kept my respect and the respect of my children, now then, my older boy at university while my daughter goes to college. Both are aware and have knowledge, regarding my sins. They do not agree with what I smoke but they know they never went without and never became victims of my crack smoking. They always come first, no joking I love my kids more than I love myself, give up the world and all its wealth, to keep them safe. If it ever came to it they will be in first place. People try to be so shady putting a label on me, but see, I don’t watch what you say, baby brother, I gave you a lover and half your family, that you think you took from me, not really, but carry on cos I know you love my son. Its a wild world where we all have to be careful, I tend to be carefree, you really should follow my lead. You would have a lot less grey in your hair, and that darkness under your eyes would disappear, but never fear I got your back, you my only living family, unload your mind and live free, peace.

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