I am extremely sickened by the information I am being exposed to right now. I am not a fanatic, or a conspiracy theorist, I am an half intelligent person and understand the implications of spreading unconfirmed reports. I have studied the emails that WikiLeaks dumped that show John Podesta and other prominent people in Washington seem to be running a child trafficking ring. Furthermore after reading the emails and following the links to the perpetrators I am 100% confident that the truth, and it does seem fabulous,  it is being told regarding pizzagate . The owner of the pizza shop is number 49 on a list issued by GQ magazine, of the 50 most powerful people in Washington. A pizza shop owner is number 49. His logo on the shop front and the menus is a match for the logo the FBI forwarded to all law enforcement. A list of symbols was sent to inform law enforcement to make them aware when dealing with child abusers what to look out for, the symbol on the shop was the one for little boy lovers. I am aware of coincidence but when the shop recently changed the logo just when all the evidence was coming to light I asked myself “why”. Why did he change the logo if it was innocent. People began to look at the owners instagram page only to discover disturbing images of children, one child aged around three was sat at a table and her hands were taped to the table, another had a picture of a baby holding a few bundles of dollars and euros in her mouth. There was a picture of a room that reminded me of the gas chambers, smooth walls and floor with nothing but a row of lights up top. The comments people offered up were sick, #killroom, #murder, “just wash down after use”. A note attatched to the door from the outside told anyone that phones were not allowed in. Through the emails it was discovered that a code was being used when these people talk to each other, pizza= little girls, hotdogs= little boy lovers, walnuts= black kids, etc. One of the emails said that Obama spent $65,000 on pizza/hotdogs flown in from Chicago for a private party at the whitehouse, and that he enjoyed the party. I know for a fact that food is not allowed in to the whitehouse so right there alarm bells ring, plus that amount of hotdogs and pizza, $65,000 if real would fill an entire room so there is no logic at all. Now the newspapers are calling it fake news to protect some people, but the facts are there and more and more people are becoming aware of the story. YOUTUBE have made the decision to ban #pizzagate videos, strange, the owner of twitter is trying to censor as well. The people involved are running the country so who will bring justice? Then I came upon the video at the top about a lady who investigated the child trafficking ring and was exposing how child protection services were taking children from families at an alarming rate, she was high in government but that did not stop her death. These are scary times but these children need help, as humans we are obliged to help.


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