Strong hammers weak arrows, black laces, excited phrases baseless, increedolous, scandalous, r u f’in crazy? lay me? just dont play me. My mental busted out and went racing toward the sun, you know me i dont give a fuck. Word to Ghost fishscale central, Mend me defend me you can kiss me but if you ever diss me…From here to Las Vegas people gonna mourn, global city become a reality as we all realise together too late. Listen mate,……………………….Death robes purple and gold and ruby red just laid out across my bed, they only see the glory, everybody loves a story, i was there it was not fair why do the good go first. I draped the robes all over his hearse. Key to life no such thing, live everyday the sunlight brings, take off yur shoes, relax unwind, appreciate our time, its real and even though the whole systems are corrupt and we know we have to change em, live every day you might of had it tough and incredibly rough and hard, but if you are here to tell your story you r a survivor, still alive, what ever scars you are allowing to heal, be assured that alone to breathe is so unbelievably real. Today yesterday tomorrow, a memory can inspire, a future dream to retire, early, but now is surely as alive as any other time. Feeling great sat on top of the pinnacle, that aint a castle or something biblical, it is a mental state tthat is content. Content can make you feel happy relaxed, ready to laugh at any given second, it could be the start of the week it could be the weekend. Life is fun, every day it is just begun, still learning and laughing at 50, even tho the world gone super crazy, it cant faze me, i cant waste the blessing of life on misery even tho it is forever trying to cover me, us all, respect life, find a call. Exist



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