Jewels the size of golf  balls were hidden under stacks of hay, back of the horse stalls. One man sat in the shade on a rickety, chair, that stood on thin rusty metal legs, supporting a hard red plastic seat, through continual seasons, snow, wind cold and heat, it stood alone. Now supporting the weight of a large man, about 6’2 and 220lbs, the chair quietly groans. Clearly access to the stall was not going to be easy, this man is there for a reason, to halt. Some thought will be needed to crack this particular tricky little code, slip to thought mode. One of these mighty sized unbelievably cut jewels would be enough, still rough, the value is there for the eye to see, one is enough for those who are not greedy, like me.  Money is attractive to some people, sadder some choose to worship the dollar bill, that’s ill. Red or blue pill, down the rabbit hole and beyond, hunting jewels why is it wrong? Depending on the side of the fence, some are going to extraordinary shallow lengths. Some are going another way altogether, a meal and a roof for protection from the weather, is enough to satisfy a content soul, that is the joy, somehow knowing, call it faith, another joy waits constantly growing as wisdom is acquired, ultimate state when the flesh is expired. Tick tick tick the clock keeps on ticking, the man in the chair looks all around before he stands and stretches his long lanky frame, arms expand you sense some training, There is his waistband concealing a gun a handle can be seen above his bum. Now there has to be another bout of thought, this raises the stakes, slam on the brakes. Now facing you, you wonder how he has not seen you , he appears to be looking right at you. Its now or never he who hesitates and all that jazz, one massive jewel one golden chance.  Standing up he can see me now but I care not, this is part of my planned and thought about plot. I raise my right hand and wave across, he tenses and then nods in my direction. I smile ironically and turn to walk away, jewels are not for me my soul is OK!


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