All alone withered blown brown holding on to your first home. I can recall the full command your stature earned once, and to me personally I recall the help you offered and I took, the heat from the summer sun a hindrance and a help, you were there for both. Now I see you alone for the first time in your young life and we face other on this Autumn morning, you were once dark green fluttering in the breeze I would see you while yawning, The space you once took at the back of my garden, now a single brown curled up alone urchin. The wind rushes by makes my eyesight divert to the skies, other leaves rise, already torn stripped from bough, up in the air the real wind does blow, everything, everywhere around my garden. I walk around surveying the destruction, my own warden. Still you resist the force of nature, I ask myself does that make you greater, as I turn to make my  way back indoors, I pause, turn around and take one last look, of course.  The last leaf to leave the tree, in a way it is some kind of victory, I walk away but you are not forgot, your host, me, puts you in a post


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