People all over the world better prepare, end ov times nobody wants to share. The 1% rule the world how can that be? What is left for you and me? Every thing in the world is the wrong way around, a line on Twitter is looked at as profound, while most drown in the memory of reality, now we have to live with so called reality tv. It is not for me. We idolise fools and worship evil, this episode is a preclude to the final, God willing the true survive.  Someone has to start afresh so numbers will stay alive, don’t allow greed to rise.  We are blind walking around in the dark, blaming this and that our choices stark we just let it, now the powers that be want to strangle us with credit, I should be feared I said it, freedom of speech is now a crime, pastor D talked about the truth and mentioned the pope, now he is in a jail cell folks, somewhere in Bulgaria, where he was helping children, there is no reason, it is truly a killing season. Blacks are getting slaughtered in the states, it is not normal when you begin to compare the rates, of the fallen, again not normal. In the white house all is formal, when the press secretary talks of civilian casualties of war, unfortunate, Russia has relied on the oil from Syria for years now we are scared by the false fears relayed to us from corporate media, USA need to create war to account for the collapse of the dollar, it is the only way out for the fed, they will put the world to bed before giving up the wealth they spent years stealing, wheeling and dealing people to the bottom of the shuffled deck. WikiLeaks is our source of truth but we are so dumb we ask where it came from, as if that is relevant when Hillary is cheating the system. Now we hear of child sex rings in places of power across the world, selling little boys and girls, what is this world we have let be run by scum, my brain needs coke to stay numb. If I think too hard I would get a gun, but that would make no sense cos the system is in place, disgrace. When I was born a guy called Kennedy wanted to destroy all kinds of secret society, we know what happened to him and his beliefs, laid out as a message for all to see, don’t mess with the secret society. Skull and Bones, Freemason, Bohemian Grove. Satanists occults, most members are those in power over us as people, but don’t look at us as equal, we are the worker bees to their queen bee, we are held with every kind of morality. Yet they don’t live by the same rules that they make us obey, we are enslaved in every single way. Weed is a medicine that helps so many yet we are told we cant use it, why? Truth is cause they cant find a way to make money, it is not even funny. The big medical companies know the truth but would rather peddle drugs they patent for ludicrous amounts of cash, they must look at people and laugh, cause it really is madness, but we only see the sadness, of watching our kids die because treatment costs more than we have. Mad. I have no answers to the madness, sex in music vids aimed at pubescent kids, we see it as normal, are we being shaped and manoeuvred to accept alternative reality, when I was a kid this stuff was not right, it is now am I old or do I know, the system is bigger than we all know? Monsanto poison and grow, some people know but can not get a message out. The information is controlled so although the FBI know Clinton is a pedo, we do not know. How can that be right she was running for president the other night, or does that make sense? Jumbled confused I am used and abused but refuse to get on board the ride to nowhere, I am here, let me make it clear, never been a puppet never will be, jail me or kill me, my faith is eternal, even that they are trying to violate, the pope is Jesuit, do you know the doctrine? Scary believe me surprised if they don’t come for me, knowledge is free

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