Revenge is a dish best served cold, some are not built to fulfil the role, then there are the rest, who are certainly prepared and able to continue the quest, to serve revenge, flamboyant fierce with malice, long slow cool with lasting hurt, poison given and taken from a chalice. So you thought I was drunk tried to plot against my reign, you thought I was blind and would not notice your game, for a while I do not deny I let greed in my mental. My evening meetings reflect and forgive my self with trying to use the knowledge to aid a purpose, like a scientist, scratching the surface, of infinite life, Recognise the greed in me and instruct myself to watch for signs, talk to myself, writing lines. The enemy managed to infiltrate the village clan, went one by one till they reached your man. My middle name is “resist” so I could sense a plan being formulated, but I did not insist. That was the extent that I told the crew pull out the broccoli, we were all full size Gucci’s But the way they tried to get to me and bring the empire crumbling for all of us, did not need arms house politics, leave the gauge on the bus. Kindly calm taking things for granted, second in command tried to tell me she was planted, I thought I knew better, the ego of a general, did not help a bit nearly led me to my funeral, so much for being a leader. In the end it was that hard core soldiering out on the line, where I learned my craft in a far off time. On my own overwhelmed in crazy confusion, know for a fact I am not losing. Time to get tough use experience, the crazy is already in place, .cool nearly lazy, threw them off guard for a second, that’s all I need shit went crazy, but when the dust had settled I was alone with my baby. From the lesson we will learn, every day is a new


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