Super duper enemies hiding out  on every corner, got my vest on trying to get over. Got pyrex boys gangsters to the death of it, sat back lounging giving some of them the benefit. It aint a pretty sight when you get knee deep in the dirt, every move you make sucks you further than you were, two brothers experienced killers dressed in black, full sinners, no beginners here. Full size everything they wear diamonds on they pinky ring, its a thing. Its all out war, spaghetti Bolognese, don’t get it twisted, these boys aint afraid of the biscuit. Weed in the air, stacks of bills in the clothes that they wear, city under siege, it gets hard to breathe. I don’t advise you to risk it, keep walking gotta kick it, let my mental, kick it.  Had to grab a nine to protect my space, stood my ground took the higher ground, seen the first attack all relentless, I spun round to see the shooter disappear raised my nine fired 2 times, shot blind, any way it was my own kind, I had to retreat use my mental, terrorists rental, city dweller lethal, all he wanted was to play football, he had wavy hair, I called him out it was all about pills and weed but I don’t care how bad your mental, cocaine central.  I could sense a change on the wind, call it primal, original thought, how we gonna mend? Right now I need a friend but the snakes are in the grass, I drink energy from a pint glass. I think I know the answer but there are no rehearsals, gotta act and hope instinct aids my third eye, I put my face to the new rain now falling from the sky, nobody has to die. My breath explodes from my chest, smokers lungs, a while since they been at their best.   I move like a chameleon through the cold wet dark streets, two moves after the lights I can no longer hear others feet, behind I am alone, collar up I face the rain and make my way home.


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