I have to go at this like a scientist, mathematician, learned scholar, on my honour, track lines, smashed dreams, so many stories drenched in the gutter, danger near I stutter, slip, lose my grip, lost at sea I am a sinking ship, sharks circle, could be land hyenas, packs are devious. I flee this madness like a rider on the storm, dodging spears clothes all torn, ripped, from shoulder to knee, blood on the lawn. The finer things pass me by, all my peers learned not to cry, puff out your chest and be prepared to die, final breath, Bruce Lee, Game of Death. Some fall just from the stress, I kneel down to be truly blessed.  War ahead war behind I need to play on the invisible line, quarter back, silver and black, Carr, L.A Raiders coming back just in time. Bullet proof now I put extra time into my mental, lower the lighting, bring cats to the table, my time is not detrimental, my crooked smile, not experimental. Been taking hits forever in this dirty game, now I am a general, I take some blame, know I am living in village cocaine, know I know most are not to blame, we are all caught up in this crazy game, some want power some want fame, stars shine bright, needed to be seen on the cold Manchester scene, pity he stood out he is now has been. Down and greasy man it is can you please me, found out fast or slow, the last to know. Could have been the first, to wear the ring, crown and jewelled, people calling you King. Felt great to be stepping on airplanes, looking down from the sky at silly little beings. Brakes screeching could have been your first warning, taxi the runway, now unboarding, eyes elsewhere you missed your calling, new town eyes down, snap back tight, looking at the stewardess took your sight, blind and lost how you now gonna make it?   Calling card “nothing to be played with” Ironic for the game you played in only one loss in a career full of wins. Your name still there but it is now covered by the rubbish bins, but hey you were king. Victim hit man killing season, tricked in, picked by him, many ways you get in, looking painfully thin still denying, friends and family cant stop crying, for the girl you were, here no more, hoping Jeremy Kyle can open the door, fiends five, I keep score, love you more. I am at where I was meant to stay at, how long before I actually knew that, meanwhile some one got fat, my success, dressed in my dollars, taking pictures, asking for follors, twitter facebook all kinds of social media, don’t need to ask you paint a picture well. The bell rings at ten beginning of the end, new fad you on it, showing all your friends, Facebook you used the app to promote your aura, turns out you were filming when you got murdered. Live your claim to fame, murdered in real time, for us all to see and admire, and follow, now your memory got a thousand likes, all I can say, does it appear hollow, I don’t know, I hope your followers grow, I leaves footmarks in the virgin snow.


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