Battle Stations

Just because I am aware that I cannot afford to sleep, watch my back before I eat, I know. Every day will be a battle in the smaller acts that make up the war, deja vu, say no more. It is not my mental going down like the Pittsburgh Steelers, to my true believers, know this. Every day becomes a mighty long time, attacked from all sides on a sunny day in the middle of August, like two lovers reached the pile of divorcees, stars were on course this, new day came at me like a new baby all sweet and chubby but my feet did not leave the ground. This is my side of town and Jordan will forever have to be that warrior, alone. Tricks including attack through the radio waves, these things are not meant to see me in graves, just to behave, and do what they tell me, make it easy, see me? No sir, attack when you will, my will, slides divides and returns much stronger, my mental is fierce, my energy longer. For once I was vulnerable to attack from all sides, responsible for lives, I am not a star, I am not captain America, I am not a hero and I wont go, leave you alone, when you need me, so if I seem to be straying, or you hear me saying, “surrender” know it aint me. Behind this mask is a will of iron, and I may lose some battles on my quest to keep my third eye open, even though they might want to see me laying at the feet of their altar, look for me around every corner, you will see a hand first and it will be clutched real tight. The look on my face as I come in sight, you will never question your eyes, that is where you know who lies, and who does not, this thing I got, will never leave me, it is never easy. Who ever said it would be, and why would I want it if it was? Surviving is a BUZZ!



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