Early to rise, dark mornings on cold rainy streets away from home head in my beats, this particular morning can be forgiven for laying on the misery thickly, neck itchy, scratch quickly. Thankful in a way that today is Friday, but wet and cold at seven in the morning, breath fresh and minty but it don’t stop me yawning, alI I can think is that I got a hard day in front of me. Pull down my hood and fix my hair as I am stepping in the building wipe my face with my hands then I sign in, finding my way around the building look at my phone, that’s timing.

Home around four but its not time to be chilling yet, more strings to my bow, you can bet.  Enough time to catch a food and change my uniform, then its on with the beats, and its out of the door. What the hell you think I am here for? While I am young and i’m strong I go for everything and more. Anyway to get ahead but I wont break the law, you know the score? Rain on face but if you look close you notice a look that says I am determined. I am not too proud to tell you everyday i’m still learning, but while I am learning I make sure that i’m earning. Inside there is a desire like a fire and its raging and burning. Hate the police remember Keith Thurman? One bad apple don’t spoil a bunch but if you gave me one free punch, I would knock a motherfucker out, without losing count of my earning. I have a desire that is burning.

The time on my phone that I look at when I get home, tells me the time is ten to nine. Pulling off my coat and now I feel fine, put on gangster Gibbs, gets me going every time. Now it is the time for me to be chilling, been a long day, told you I am driven, I wasn’t kidding. Volume got to be loud enough that my neighbour hears it, bangs on my wall asking me to turn it, down. I can be a fucking clown, sometimes that’s how I get down.  Prepare a bath with lavender, this time of the calendar, late October early November, just about remember the little bit of sun we had in the summer, same every year its a bummer, England be like that, but I aim to be in the bath getting nice and warm, eat food, that’s the norm. Might be around eleven when I get on the phone and make a booty call, that’s the time I say goodnight y’all.

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