Tried my worst to put the crack to bed, cept the one I just had was the best I ever had, am I bad? Or just a weak brother, shit, I just took another hit, after sayin all that shit, that I was gunna, ask a judge, on my honour, I really did want to kick that, but when I hit that, I just fall back under, that’s the sign of the streets that I am livin under, and every day I have to wonder, why it feels so nice, and it feels so right, and makes it so hard to fight, i’m buggin.  It seems like sometimes I got two of me, one all righteous the other real greasy.  It is probably hard for anyone to believe me, or stay near me, not knowing wether to love me or fear me. Even for me it aint easy, sometimes I can see quite clearly, then its like I cant see the wood for the trees, try to meditate I fall to my knees, finish by sending up many pleas.  Hope at least one of them is heard and answered, cos the evil can spread like cancer. Start thinking on if I got some enemies, what I gotta do to try and end this squeeze? Like the crush of a python, I struggle to take a deep breath, each time I get less and lees, damn this whole thing is a hot damn mess, price of addiction I guess, I confess.

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