Big but still small, cosmopolitan but retaining that familiar comforting character.  Our people are a tough lot. Bred in the tough northern territory born in the industrial era and now incorporating the new age. People know the score in Manchester, know the tricks of the trade if you know what I mean. If you can cut a corner you cut a corner with the knowledge that it starts at the top. “You know them politicians are up to all sorts” one old dear tells another as they trade cheap cigarettes under the table. “They never get caught neither” they remark as if they feel the need to justify their deeds. Rain is a constant factor in the lives of Mancunians so the dress code has to include a rain proof coat.  Mountain wear jackets costing ridiculous amounts of money tend to be worn by lads.  The weather can be cold from September through to April with barely a hint of sun. The people of Manchester have to be tough to survive and they are tough. Race is part of the fabric however since the 60’s generations have grown amongst each other and a tolerance has grown alongside. There remain pockets of resistance but generally there is a mutual respect. Not renowned for pretty picture postcard scenery there still exists plenty of natural beauty. The canals that wind across the city can provide scenes of ever changing beauty. As opposed to the filth and grime that cities such as Manchester always produce like a by product. East Manchester consists of dwelling properties, Manchester City football club have moved in and changed the landscape with a massive rebuilding project. Like a giant campus incorporating a college for local people and a massive training complex in the place of an old chemical site. The area has improved in the last ten years with a lot of govt money spent on regenerating the area. House building as well as improving local housing helped facelift the look of the East.



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