Wipe those tears away cos I got no time, yesterday those tears wuz mine, these rough times come along and you either gotta keep your shine else you will get taken every time. Its just a fact nothing more so just bob and weave like a boxer in the ring, float like a butterfly, man, Ali did his thing, boxers nowadays care more about the bling. Like every motherfucker has to show out on social media, I cant figure, so I make sure I deliver, send a message to the kids show them how to live, that is something that’s just in me, I keep my integrity, through the good times and the bad, that’s all I ever had so I hold on real tight and addiction and temptation can make you waver but that’s when you gotta fight. That is something that is all on you, what you gonna do? Puff out your chest and push on through, its just something you gotta do,, and it can make you feel brand new, that’s the truth. Watch out for the snakes that come along all smiling, trying to test your strength all the while and, planning behind the smiles what can they do to try and get a piece of you. Stay true to yourself and you can spot the snakes straight away, night and day, stay out of danger, plus don’t let them change ya, you cant be shocked by their behaviour, as long as you stay true to yourself you will stay out of danger and I wont have to save ya, and you can say nobody ever played ya PEACE


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