Finding out about your boys well that is number two, not always each one of your crew. Sometimes I can only see it when its right in front of my eyes, I don’t wanna see it when it comes its truly a complete surprise. I was surprised. It was just straight up fuckin lies.  Only just recovered from having to break family ties, what is it with all the lies, like little babies crawling around, no education so they don’t know how. To really look a man in the eye and next some real talk seems we just like little babies to deny it aint worth it. Cant believe that from a family member you dirty bitch you now a total stranger. Blood is thicker than water makes me ill, you got no chill, I had my fill, no longer riding dirty.  Now only a month gone by its still early and you bring this to me. I guess I should have known but the way I see it you gotta be like that to be able to see right through it, I was trying to convince myself, I was entering into a new phase of my life, everything was my fault, I was fighting to regain my faith. I was fucked up trying to change my life while you was looking for a pay cheque, what a motherfucking mess. No wonder we stay poor, in our mind the evil penetrates, in some to the very core it has had two thousand years to work with, say no more. There will be no more saving that makes me mad, it also means I will be sad. The truth of the matter is overall I am glad, knowing is believing and we don’t live without grieving so the mind knows what to do, that’s whats pleasing.

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