A MAN, still sagging, not bragging, just saying…

Being young was not my fault, obviously, we all know that so lets cut out the apologies, I couldn’t tell you keep your daughter away from this dirt bag, if I could I woulda had, believe me, even now it is not easy, slam and another memory comes hitting me with force. I wish this kinda shit would stop but that’s the price of shame, I guess, but still I am blessed. Here today alive and well after all the shit I been in, just called my boy in Liverpool. He just got in his flat he been working getting ready to go out, shout out to my boy. He a man but he still my bundle of joy, motherfucker you know that’s my boy.  Back to me living my life real free, the way that i  want it to be, we different naturally. I am better at telling you how its supposed to be, than doin it, some things aint me, till im dead if you see me my eyes will be red any other way I cant stand it, not the way I planned it.  Now my out look changed and I grew the fuck up, some just take longer than others. I was always the last to get the joke in the first place anyway, I started late lets just say.  Seeing things as a man made me change my whole behaviour, no girl will ever change ya, except maybe your daughter, buts that’s another story. Back to the subject I believe it was my behaviour, well if I coulda been changed by my saviour, I woulda turned out just like I am, a real man. I know my limits everyday knowing that I gotta do better, everyday is a blessing gotta take care of my responsibilities, mother fucked up take on my two kids on my own. Man believe after that I am full grown, and when I speak to my boy on the phone, I know, he got his arse at uni, part time job, you can feel the love, its all good, as it should be, easy, peace


    1. had to update cos it may have been lost in tramnslation, I was laughing embarrassed cos I did not think my stuff was worthy of such praise but I am most grateful, peace

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