Snowden revelations reveal Britain’s are being spied on and that it has been going on since 1998 and due to a change in disclosure laws implemented last year we will continue to be watched and monitored. Location data included makes it dangerous for people expressing opinions against regimes. Freedom of speech is under threat right now in so called democracies. When the lack of real journalists makes it possible for our governments to lie constantly to us about the real escalation in relations between USA and Russia it is critical that as much truthful information as possible is allowed to get out. I watch the news on various channels and I notice the mainstream media in the west only reports on one side of world events, a seriously dangerous situation, as with Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction we could all be fooled into believing the lies that are being fed to the masses. I do not understand how it has been allowed to occur as journalists supposedly thrive on uncovering truth. Now they just spout propaganda designed to have us all hating each other, divide and conquer seems to be the agenda. The problem is that half the people actually do not realise they are being told half a story so believe what they are hearing and that is dangerous. An example being the revelations regarding Hillary Clinton and the emails that should see her in jail yet the media are not pushing the facts instead they are focusing on Donald Trump and his disgraceful treatment toward women. There is an obvious bias where they should both be facing criminal charges. Hillary is a warmonger and has supported every war since Vietnam making her a very dangerous candidate to be president. The content of the emails is being traded for the origin of them claiming Russia hacked the USA. There is an anti Russia rhetoric being spewed from the media as well as anti Muslim press. Again we are being pushed to hate each other and I wonder what is brewing.

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