Is it just me or is the world going crazy? Is it just me admittedly I am lazy, I am just me.  The only thing is everything I see these days makes me think I am crazy. Some of the things that are happening are so far fetched that they can not be true, is it the same for you? Or is it just me getting carried away by a fantasy, too many novels, too much time on my hands, have I dreamed away my time and in reality everything is fine? If I turn on the news where I stay the news readers laugh and play, I must be getting carried away.  Did Britain really join the USA and go to war in Iraq? Killing many people in a war that was illegal. There were no weapons of mass destruction the reason soldiers had to die, if I recall correctly the whole thing was a lie. Iraq invaded and destroyed with terms going round like “shock and awe” but what was it really for? Nothing just happens everything gets planned the real reason we were fighting in the sand, I still have no answer, was the war justified and right not knowing I ask as I write. Is it just me, alone in my room, making something out of nothing the answer can not come too soon. Did I dream 9/11 brain confused from using too many drugs? Were there planes or were there not? If I look on you tube they talk about a plot, involving of all people the President of the USA, Israel and the Saudis if I am way off base here that is what I am browsing. I am a single man sat alone in my living room and trying to understand the events that are often shown, on the TV screen, the pictures get beamed directly to my TV and then onto me.. Is it just me or too much TV?  Are children dying in Syria blown to smithereens? Or am I just a drugged up fiend?  Was it the people uprising? That would really be surprising if you knew anything about Syria before the invaders started killing, it was a country that was building, a strong economic economy where most of the people lived freely, more than any middle eastern country. The thing that surprises me is the information I am hearing that has no bearing on the reality of the situation, you do not need extra wisdom, but I guess when the voice from the TV tells you and me the opposite of the truth we just believe whatever they portray. Except I already knew that Syria was a country driven toward growth without too many problems. Is it just me or am I being lied to when told the story of the Syrian war? I know that the USA are arming the rebels that consist of members of so called terrorist groups, there are no moderate troops, Russia have been asked for help by the president, so that is legal, yet if you listen to some they will tell you Russia is evil. If the country is taken over by the rebels or should I call them terrorists, the world is not prepared for this. If I know a little of the story then so must a lot of other people, don’t let Syria be a sequel to the war in Iraq. We have to learn the facts and stand up to the liars that would see us kill each other, brother killing brother, peoples of the world want to live in peace but a crazy few don’t want the wars to cease. Secret agendas to destabilize a whole region, willing to sacrifice many mothers sons. Is it just me going crazy from smoking too much crack? Or did I just hear that that it is kicking off in Iraq? The truth is now considered a dirty word because whistle blowers are telling what they heard, I thought they were heroes knowing they would be crucified still they could not hide, they had to tell us all the truth and what do we do? lock them up and throw away the key but they did it for you and they did it for me. Where is the sanity? Is it just me or is the world going crazy?

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