USA is involved in the war in Syria because they want the regime to topple. Assad stands in their way so no matter how many civilians lose their lives in the war to get rid of him USA will not stop the slaughter. Their need comes first so they use rhetoric like good and evil to convince their citizens that their reasoning is just. Russia is evil, they say, Assad is evil, Putin is evil. USA are spreading out in the world, they are involved in constant conflict many miles from their shores, their people are forever losing lives in wars that need not have occurred. Nobody is attacking USA, nobody is invading USA, there are no terrorists in the USA, and if there really was then the amount of money spent across everyone else’s shores could be focused internally.  USA have no need to be all over the world in the business of telling everyone how to live and how much to sell their resources for and who to sell them too. The media is owned by the corporations so they spin the stories to lie to the public meaning their citizens begin to get dumber and dumber which helps nobody really. It is important that people know the truth about the world that they live in because it all affects each person. Each foray leaves destruction on a scale of epic proportions that the news is not telling you about, Libya after Gaddafi, is in total carnage, Tripoli is regarded as the most dangerous city in the world right now. After the USA killed Gaddafi there was a total breakdown of law and order across the country but USA walked away happy they got their man and fuck the consequences. Iraq still has not returned to any form of order since USA got involved, how many children were killed or displaced while the USA were there? the answer is in the millions, imagine that for a second, Did the war have to happen? He had NO weapons of mass destruction but his country suffered mass destruction. Millions of children impacted, and now it is the turn of Syria to feel the effects of a visit by the USA. The city of Aleppo is being smashed to pieces in front of our eyes, children dying blood flowing while cameras show us the reality. USA is in Yemen as well they like to travel everywhere. Why are they allowed to interfere in everyone ‘s business? So much blood but everyone other than them is “evil”


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