The times we are living in now makes it possible for an election to be held where both candidates are involved in scandal after scandal and yet are promoted by the media in a totally different way. The result will become down to who has the least dirty back ground to be president. We all watch dumb silent accepting as the world is changed for us. What have we become? In all ways we are ignored we may as well not be here, we are just in the way. We are arrested and jailed for stuff that the candidates do for fun. Money scams that Hillary has been involved in, degrading women as Trump does, running tax dodges that they both do, I would be in jail if caught, they are being found out publically, and no culpability in sight. We are a joke, it was so long ago Hillary says smugly, insider trading and she laughs about it, she should be allowed because she is doing Gods work. Two standards we are dumb for allowing the world to deteriorate to such a level but we get what we deserve.


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