Phone college soon that’s done, on my to do list. Presidential debate believe I missed.  The day belongs to me and me alone, that’s nice got it so good am about to think twice. Yep I can do whatever I want to do but yet what to do I have no clue. Part of the beauty of being me, no clock watching even though its gone past three. Late night having plenty of fun, is not reserved for those that are young. In the castle that is kept for royalty,  the court at hand are strictly loyal to me, no more no less than whatever it is that you impress, or that impresses you. Putting pizza in the oven at ten to seven, I guess to cure the munchies grapes in bunches were raided from the fridge. That sweet grape juice bursting on the tongue gratefully accepted from a tongue forced to endure copious amounts of smoke on a regular basis. However the message from the brain asking are u insane the only feeling from all this is copious amounts of bliss, added to the juice now trickling through the system again begins sweet sensations racing to the spot, how could you not, get the pleasure I am sending to each and every nerve ending?? The tongue agrees on principal decides to suffer in silence, behind all this I am enjoying the freedom that life gives to us. Most don’t need that freedom I am talking about, when you leave jail after a sentence and experience the full power of freedom. Only when it is taken do we realise the power freedom allows us. Why do we always wait for something to rouse us, from our sleep, lets not go there cos shit gets deep. Instead breathe deep and take a seat, right next to me, take a hit from this and feel the free, wash your body with a freshness never before known lie back and get your head into the zone.  In the USA police officers shoot black men, over here say we are back again, all over the world security forces attempt to track and contain.  All over the world normal people complain, create protests who is to blame. My got to do list involves smoking cocaine when all the while we are all just the same. Keep my world simple  and never complain at the end of the day life is just an enjoyable game. Peace

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