Don’t know what I can believe when I turn on my TV, its all crazy to me, how can it be?  Finding the truth have to know exactly where to look, now I find out that Sandy Hook was all a fucking hoax, if that’s the truth then its all a fuckin joke truth be told. We all getting sold lies plots and conspiracy stories, how much more of this do we have to take? Don’t know what is true and what is fake. We better wake up before it gets too late.  Now another black man gets shot dead by the police, and Martin Luther King used to ask for peace. Nothing seems to have changed much since the sixties, scratching our heads asking each other “what the hell is this?”   Terrence Crutcher with his hands in the air being filmed by a chopper in the air, gets shot down and nobody at the scene seemed to care, how can this keep happening where the net lets everybody see that it really aint fair? The world is a kind of alternative reality where some one like Hillary can get away with murder, and before the FBI give up emails congress has to issue a subpoena. Its all turned around where bankers do not have to face justice for their crimes, yet blacks get years for nickel and dimes. Police kill blacks on a weekly basis and they say they aint racist. What is going on in the world what example for boys and girls, and its only getting worse and all I can do is put it in a verse.

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