Higher Learning

Learning is a valuable tool that enables us to expand our knowledge. There are many ways to learn. As I sit here with a joint between my lips I can look out of my windows and I see trees that dominate the view. All across the back of our row of houses we are cut off from the park by a row of tree and bushes, basically a dense foliage with a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees that stand so tall. In the middle of the view stands the tallest tree surrounded by trees nearly as tall but all with more size around. Squirrels can be seen on a daily basis while magpies have a nest at the back of my fence. I have robins in my garden most of the time and we have foxes in a lair at the back of a neighbour ‘s house. There are spectacular sights to behold in and around my garden so the tall skinny tree usually takes a back seat to the activities taking place. Today though he is showing his true colours and the sight is breath taking. The sun even though not in sight is sending rays down from the right hand side of my window and this energy is being used by the tree and the result deserves to be captured on film for posterity. The leaves down the right side of the tree are giving the appearance of a shimmering golden red fleece. The top of the tree stays green with hints of halo red that could be mistaken for a fine rusty deep misty spray. The left side of the tree contrasts vividly each branch gently backlit creating an almost black centre to each branch so that the sky behind looks at one as if a black and white photo had captured them and froze the scene. That tree is most impressive right now at this moment. Today when my daughter got home from college I was sat here and I asked her how her day at college had been.  I got the first version out of the way before I learned a few things about my girl. The best thing to do when the first version begins is to take a double check make sure, then nip it in the bud.  I think my daughter has a defensive default mode so if you know her you know to remind hher that she is concentrating on the negative mode. After an initial “yeah but,” she calms down and tells a story of progress hope fun knowledge and awareness and her own empowerment. I learned that my girl defends her corner in a forthright manner and she provoked a feeling in me that smacked of proud. Having a girl to raise is different than a boy, in reality it is the same but my lack of knowledge at the time it was needed meant that I treated my daughter differently than I did my boy. I was still thinking she was a baby at eleven until one day I realised she had been letting me do everything for her, I had been mugged but I learned from that day and took her for her age. She is a little spoilt but I cant say I didn’t enjoy spoiling her because she was the cutest little baby with a round head and short hair till nearly two. She was poorly a lot as a baby and I think that the houses we were in were damp. She had a lot of coughs and flu I remember, plus two nasty accidents I recall. She is a tough little girl when I think back to what she has been through but they say kids are really resilient anyway. When she turned two her hair started growing and her appearance went from cute to pretty with big blonde curls making people remark on her appearance. I guess she grew up in the shadow of her brother but at school it helped because she never had a day of bullying to deal with while getting into many shouting matches showing her willingness to stand up for what she deemed reasonable. Today at college she was asked to work with some boys. These boys were new to the group and being a little older they were showing off a little. When my girl was asked to work with them she heard “yeah she can work with me” and similar comments. She was seated at the time but on hearing the rubbish they spewed out she put her feet up to the desk and arms folded she pushed back hard. “Miss I do not feel comfortable working with these boys” she stated loudly across the room. Her tutor used that time to show my girl where the printer was situated and walked to a corner. She explained the boys will not be a part of the group and enquired if my girl was alright. It showed me a lot and I have a better understanding of who my daughter is becoming. A good day I reckon even though it is the start of my boys first week at uni which is also good. My daughter is evolving and I am part of it and that is great. Who could ask for more?


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