How many kids leave school with no real chance of having the life they see so many people on tv having? Loads just in my area that’s a fact. Some do not aspire to a life much different from that of their family. Happy to get a job and a roof and a family. Some want what they see on tv and some want to live that gangster life. If you live in a council house environment there is a good chance that you will know who is who and who does what. Communities are generally close knit groups that tend to rely on one another and even those that turn to crime are not vilified unless they are preying on other members of that community. Drug dealers in this day and age are not seen as enemies of the community. In fact they are fast becoming the robin hoods of the streets. I know of two young boys that began selling drugs at a young age. Two brothers that were let down by the education system. How did they become problem school kids when they now run a business employing more than ten people without harming the majority of working people in the area? They began with around three hundred pounds by staying on the street for hours and hours at a time. They had the discipline and focus to turn over the profit they accrued time and time again until they could afford to acquire a vehicle and thereby expand their enterprise. Eventually they could employ a driver and then a couple of workers to be able to keep the phone on for twenty four hours. I have to say that their accomplishments should not be taken lightly. It is so hard not to want to spend money as soon as you start making it, it is hard to find suppliers that are readily available to keep you going every time you need a reload. The challenge of keeping ahead of the competition is another factor that has to be addressed while keeping an eye open for the police and thieves. There is a lot of work that goes into building a successful business from scratch. These two brothers can not be seen serving drugs on the street anymore as they have employees to tend to the street level. So many young lads have been offered an opportunity to earn a living from the effort these boys have put into creating this business. Lads that would have little chance of getting jobs they want. The fact that they are doing illegal work is hypocritical because the ones that say it is illegal are the ones that control the distribution and flow on a giant scale. It is a little known fact that the CIA control and pay for the drugs at the top end of the scale. Now a kid can do three days work and earn more than they could in a weeks worth of legal work so it is obvious that a lot of them are enticed to take a chance.

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