Today is one of the proudest days of my life. I am called a crackhead by certain people, never to my face but I know what some people think. I care not for the opinion of any person other than my two babies. They are not babies any more but you know what I mean. It is Saturday morning and the sun is shining in Manchester and that is an added bonus. My son has been raised by a mother that has issues with alcohol and a father who had a heroin habit and still has issues with crack cocaine so you could not blame him if he went off the rails a little bit. When he left school and applied for college I was pleased and then when he got himself a part time job I was pleased. He is tall and good looking and goes to the gym every day almost. He has friends that sell weed already but his head was not turned and that pleased me. When he finished college and applied to university I was pleased. An hour ago we packed his bags into the car while his mother shed tears, we hugged tightly and I told him I love him and then he was gone. He has had to cope with a lot at an early age and I think that my guidance and calmness helped him to cope with everything. I also encouraged him to try for uni but left the choice to him. Now he has gone I think that he has all the tools to succeed in whatever he wants to do with his life. He is polite and considerate and strong minded and I was pleased when two neighbours came out and another shouted from her window to wish him well. Today I feel proud, vindicated and just an overall feeling of relief. There is nothing round here for him and until he actually left I did not have this feeling. He is starting life without my wind blowing his sails but I know he is prepared because I put the time and effort into helping him grow mentally and physically. The football matches I took him to on a weekend, he is an excellent footballer and for a while we all thought he would make it as a pro. His mother and me put the effort into answering all questions showing them love and telling them how special they were from the beginning. The first of mine and her family to attend university you can imagine how special this day is to us. I want to write more but I could go on forever. I am happy and I am taking full responsibility along with his mum for the man he has become because if he was bad they say blame the parents so if he is good it is also blame the parents. I have so much love in my heart right now I cant explain. Peace and love forever.


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