Strange 13th Day

Superstition is not a thing that I get involved with, I support karma, drama will bring back drama. Yesterday had me thinking on my self as a Libran, no heart or soul its the only sign without these, does it affect me as a person? brother please. I am a Libran from the start and yes I do have a heart. The day started with mad sun blazing what happened through the rest of the day I am going to say was hella amazing. Up early I decided to switch up styles something I had not done for a while, brown boots Hugo Boss silk green jacket, when I am ready I do know how to rock it, today I got it going on, personal matters in a mess but I am going to stay strong. No stress no worry strolling down the street as if I am in no hurry, its early. Clearly my mind is on point, stuff to do heading to the joint.  Had to make a couple calls try to fix the mess when I lost my bank account, my money went in but got sent straight back out. Damn the whole thing was a mess and I was severely put to the test. The bank staff know me well and we would talk personal on a regular basis, good people happy faces. They tried their best but this is one of them  cases, all I could do was go to the jobcentre to explain what occurred my insides curdled. No money all worry gonna have debtors at my door wanting to be paid, my temper may see someone in a grave, I need help not only for myself. This is the day I usually get paid so you can say its the last day, what can I say, got no tobacco in the ashtray. No food in the cupboard running out of electricity and gas, man I am going down fast. Made a couple calls tried to sort it all out. They get my drift but they cant pay out. Till they get the money back from the bank all I can do is wait to be paid. Instead I have to go home get online and apply for an emergency payment. Get it all done to be finally sent, a voucher for fuel from the government. Some money off social services and a letter to take to the food bank to pick up a few bags of food. That was all last Monday and I thought it was all done till yesterday in the blazing sun. Yep it happened all over again. This week though I am ready and though its hot outside I aint sweaty instead the reverse I was acting kind of cool, I already been schooled on this so I aim to handle my biz real quick. Strolling down the street in the sunshine broke as a joke but feeling like the world is mine as I already said I was looking so fine plus I was on time. In the jobcentre speaking on the phone keeping my manner in  a kind of pleading tone, you know how it goes. Sorted it out once more and I am out the door on my way to explain to a girl why I cant give her money that she is owed by me. She obviously was not happy.  With money on my mind I totally forgot to go and pick up my prescription at three. What the hell is wrong with me? If I don’t pick it up I will be ill come the night, that’s the downside. I went home and lied down, what a clown. The heat from the sun has me baking hot sweat all over so I decide to take a shower, nice and cool, fresh as a flower.  When I get downstairs I thought it was mighty strange when the sky turned dark and then it started raining. At the very same time my daughter came in from college and she was annoyed. She said the rain was going to ruin her day cos she would not be able to go out and play. I returned her thoughts with some of my own and told her she was full grown and that it was not the rain it was her decision on how to deal with the weather that could make her day better. Plus I said that the heat outside would dry out the rain in a minute, it would stop raining soon innit? She put a smile on her face and must have agreed I am still teaching my seed. Ten minutes later she said she was going out and I said be back by nine. My son appeared in the kitchen began to prepare for himself a little meal no big deal. Although we love each other right now he has chose not to talk to me, to some degree it hurts but it is nothing I cannot handle I know he is good and his point is understood. This is his last week in the home cos he is going to Liverpool university. Then another strange occurrence out of the ordinary starts to manifest, and I know I am blessed. He sits down on the chair opposite from me I take the opportunity to ask a few things that I have been wanting to know. What grades did he need to get into university? Surprised when he told me, 3 distinctions were the basic requirements and I thought wow, how did you do? I asked. 3 distinction starred was his answer and I swelled with pride, inside I felt so good. He is the next version of me only bigger better stronger smarter the next generation. I took the chance to let him know that the best thing I ever did was raise him and his sis from little kids. I enjoyed every little minute and I know when he steps out into the world he is ready so its a job well done cos above all I love my son. Strange when the sky got dark and a crack so loud nearly broke the window pane I looked out the frame. The rain had started all over again and this time it had friends. Thunder and lightning so loud and bright it basically split the sky in two and nearly blew out windows all around, it was loud. Some were saying they were frightened then my front door opened, my daughter stood in the doorway soaking wet stood still and whispered “will you help me” I took her coat off gently. She was wet to the bone still bothered about her phone, “will it dry” she asked me. Probably I replied as I got her inside and sent her upstairs to get changed. That was strange. The weather stayed in danger mode for a fe hours more I opened the front door.  It was a strange day with strange things going on all day but like I say I am not superstitious. The 13th is what it was but that is all I can say regarding the strangeness of the day.


2 thoughts on “Strange 13th Day

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I felt like I was standing somewhere near you, not just watching, but even experiencing, this all happen.

    It’s wonderful how you can appreciate all the “little things” that make up our ordinary days. You pay attention to the present, watch what’s really happening, and then share with us all the interesting details someone else might have overlooked.

    Very cool!

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