Hillary Clinton Is Remarkable

I am thinking about Hillary Clinton. I have no personal feeling toward her as a person. Everyone is entitled to live the life they have been blessed to live. I consider her to be a remarkable person for the way she has maintained a career in the face of embarrassing degrading situations brought upon her through the actions of her husband, the then president of the U.S.A  Bill Clinton. The actions she took to limit the damage to herself was tactically brilliant and necessary, so today she stands on the steps of history. Indeed she is remarkable and must be a very tough character to be where she is, no doubt about.  I recall the fact that she used the term “super predator” when describing black teens and my reaction was disgusted to hear how low people will go to influence a career. I had not invested much thought beyond that stated. Then I had to make a decision wether to carry on consuming my latest project sometime last week. After using three of my allotted hours the particular day in mind I started taking the show for granted and although I wanted to carry on viewing I also knew that sometimes what you want and what is good for you are two different things. Instead my hands mo ved around my keypad and hey presto a picture of Hillary Clinton appeared underneath a headline Kill list. Obviously intrigued I hit play and became involved to the end credits. Basically the hype is that many people after agreeing to speak on the Clintons suddenly met suspicious ends shortly after agreeing. I have no idea if the stories are true or not but my instant view is that there was enough evidence to make things sticky for Hillary. I mean these are murder accusations and then to see the episode concerning the leaked emails and the way she has managed to avoid prosecution is amazing. I could not believe that she straight lied about personal emails and work emails being on the same device. Then to see that she has not been held to account for straight jail term offences shows me that she is enjoying unprecedented protection. No media scrimmage to ask how she has not been brought to justice is downright powerful, when the world can see clearly what is happening yet in the U.S.A she stands ready to command the country. How is it possible for people to not protest this massive injustice? Are American people too busy to notice the political landscape changing strangely all around them? maybe thinking it has nothing to do with them as it will not affect them personally. Hillary Clinton is remarkable and seems on the way to showing us all.


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