Made In Manchester

I am no different to any body else no matter what you say, mess with me best believe I don’t play, from Manchester North UK, listen to every thing I say, me and you will be ok. I kick it in streets washed in  rain, default mode will be based around pain, mine or yours it don’t matter, middle of the night you might hear my gun clatter, Manchester, Moss Side Hulme Rusholme Whalley Range Salford, follow Shude Hill till you reach Cheetam Hill.  When them goons come knockin best betta know bodies start droppin. Manchester. Most of the time its raining, Nike golf glove so you don’t be complaining, leave no prints on the handle that’s a must, plus, the wheels of the ride tat you did the burn in, itself will be burning, that’s legit, get it? Manchester where if you got a pocket full of change, and you make your way over to Whalley Range, you can get fixed up, but better watch what you throw up, cos black on black crime with the gangs is whats up, Donnington wanna shoot Gooch and same thing the other way round, that’s what it is on the south side ov town.  Talk is cheap ask any so called gangster that stays in Manchester, you get known by your deeds streets talk up your story spreads like seeds, how many hearts bleed under your deeds? That’s how we measure your level as a gangster, in Manchester, city that I am from, city where I first began, as a little shorty  riding round bumping NWA. Heard that shit was down from the minute, that I heard Cube tell me !fuck the police” I would slump down in my seat, memorise every line and every time that I did a crime, Cube was in my ear.  Telling me “Oh Yeah”  Dressed in black down as fuck throwing up facts.  Soon as we heard we knew what he was saying Compton Manchester police aint playing, that’s fucked up but true as fuck, It could be Compton USA or miles away Manchester in the UK, still the same mentality from the cops to the community, and it will never cease so when Cube says “Fuck the police” best believe, we heard it loud and clear over here, never fear, and from Salford to Moss Side any man down to ride, from Longsight to Whalley Range we all think the same, and this is nothing to do with the game that we play, this is something that we all say from the time we start growing from skinny kids with dirty knees, man fuck the police. Manchester without dirty police stinking up the streets, what a dream, going to watch my team, Man City by the way, without being frisked and treated like a third class citizen, treated as if you already committed some crime, man it happens every time, and that’s fine, but then don’t act like you are all shocked at my behaviour, my retaliation, when you try to take me to your station. Manchester where the police don’t play fair so nobody does, I was explaining it to my cuz, he down south in London, a citizen, some times he doesn’t get it, I get it, but I don’t let it interfere with my love for the homie, family but yet he don’t know me. Made in the street in Manchester and to this day, well I still play. PEACE MY PEOPLE, WE ALL EQUAL, REMEMBER THAT

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