The Game

Ironic when  u give it some thought, why would a m/f even take part?  That is the name of the game brother I aint clowning, but each and every day most of us be drowning.  We pushing each other under water, when really we oughta, be helping each other to swim. Where should I begin? The game, aint really a game, we just be selling caine, to each other, like Cain and Abel its brother killing brother. Hold a pillow on a face straight smother. Either way kids are dying, and you already know I aint lying. Truth is we know and don’t care. So now I said it and its out there. Life really aint fair but we too poor to care. The only thing that matters is that your family ends up eating, and if a brother had to die under that cheating and scheming, its a damn shame but that’s the name of the game. Too many of us fixed on wearing that crown cos truth be told we been dumbed down, and don’t even know it, so when we kill each other we don’t give a shit, its a goddamn shame, and that’s the name of the game.

How you gonna tell a young’un not to get involved just stay in school? Come on now they aint fools, see another brother on the corner making cream, and they wanna live that dream. Money in they pocket starting at a young age, if they want they can flash a 12 guage. Just like they do on TV why the fuck would they listen to me? All I can say is stay in school and work hard on your future, living on the street don’t suit ya. Listen out for the laughter cos all the kids want to be a grafter. To be honest I cant blame them wanting to follow their friends but I am older and know how the story ends. Damn I am smart and couldn’t resist the temptation that the game had to offer so they don’t stand a chance. Take a chance take a package take a brother down take a ride downtown, to the jail cos most of them will fail. That street corner hustling isn’t easy I beg you to believe me. All I can say is I wish you luck and give me a call when u come unstuck. We all brothers no matter which way you look at it, so somebody gotta give a shit that’s me brother, I say a prayer for all the little homies cos we all the same getting fucked by the “game”

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