I grew in Whalley Range in a family raised on benefits, down at the bottom I took many hits, so don’t even ask why I do this. Never seen a regular wage but I can show you how to strip and load a 12 guage. Sound like I am livin the life I was given, sent to churh on Sunday so I can know about heaven. Crazy? I know but this is what it is when you climbing from the bottom of the barrel, early on u leave the bow and arrow for something that’s real. That heavy weight in your hand that’s the cold black steel, and you quickly get a feel, for having that comfy weight in your waistband, my life was planned, from the start, they stole my heart. Left something in its place more suited for the street where I live, that’s sad but that’s how it is. A life of jail police drugs and fake thugs, that’s what it is cuz.  So now i’m full grown and I see things different from when I was a youth. Time to make a change in my life for the better, maybe get a job send a letter, what they want a cv, they want me to tell a story all about me. Never worked before no I don’t got any grades left school early in the barber getting fades. All I got is a gun but now I also got  to feed my son. Want to leave the street early want my son to always feel me, being there all the time is my new mission even tho I know I am just wishing. No body gonna give me a job, I already know. So how am I gonna watch my son grow? Like I did on benefits? Man fuck all this.


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