Why Me?

When I wake up in the morning feeling great still yawning I wonder why the powers that be decided to bless me. I am no better or worse than any one else, but I do love myself.   There used to be days when I couldn’t imagine cracking a smile, and all the while I felt dirty, I wonder can u hear me? My whole life was fucked and that mode was set on stuck.  Now I wonder why I am having so much luck. I live my life as an ordinary joe, nothing special about me but continually I am blessed with a beautiful inner feeling that lets me glide. As well as inside it radiates to my outside you can tell by my smile, or when I say hi. I connect with all my neighbours whatever the age or creed, at the end ov the day we all bleed, the same. It may sound crazy but this is me being happy and I want to share with every body out there, cos I care and want the best for every one under the sun. Another day is almost over I am good sat here writing, inviting others to share my joy of life. Simple message simple man making it easy for you to understand, I hope you get it, just let it in


  1. Invitation to chat so saying hi! Have a good BH it’s sounding as if u are, family visiting? all good, resting from the stone?., or not – matters not which way- u have a good life ur feeling good and enjoy 🙂 x

    1. Done some gardening, watched Grand Prix, Watched City win, made dinner for me an Kita, then got a stab and chilled with it, none tomos or until everyone gone ha, hope u good m8, that phone not working got to take it back to Ashton if u r about this week

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