Prince Of Darkness

I heard today that the way prisons are evolving is likely to mean trouble for society in general. On the news today they were showing video clips of a young boy about to be crucified on the streets after first getting his head chopped off. One of his captors was holding him by his hair and slapping his face, it was truly sickening. Another man had lost his family and was waiting by a river because bodies washed up, he was hoping to see a family member. The way he told us that bodies washed up here just stunned me as I realised his lack of emotion was explained by the fact that bodies in the river was just normal, normal for refugees that did not make it to be washed up a river. The police don’t want to know so unless some one comes looking for a particular person then the rivers get polluted with rotting flesh. When I woke up I had one thing in particular on my mind, crack, but in the way that I was determined to have a little break from smoking, say a week. Up slightly groggy reaching for my buprenorphine I reflected on last nights thoughts. When I was walking to the bank n the rain I passed a neighbour and chuckled when he shouted, “fuckin’ horrible this wevva”

“Horrible” I piped up walking past. The rain blew into me but I tilted my umbrella to ward off the blast. Manchester typically upsetting it’s residents on a Monday morning. Windy and rainy but today there is a difference, heat, it is really warm. No time to dwell because I have issues with my bank this morning. I have to wait ten minutes while staff member needs permission to pay me from up high. Discrepancies to my account that need looking at by the bank. I wanted to take care of business before heading home mainly because I wanted Sara gone when I got back home. I made a call for her and left the kids mum to grab it refusing any wage for myself. Half hour had passed since I left home. I picked up some stuff from the store and began my trip home fighting the rain again. Crossing the park I commended myself for dealing with bank calmly and on paying the bills. The prince of darkness wants me at his table begging for crumbs. Can you believe in the time I have been out that the lads have not turned up,? it has been an hour. I grab the phone to be told two mins. Putting the shopping away I felt the moment when it happened. Taking a tenner from my pocket I joined it to her thirty.

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