Using people for ones own ends is despicable. Anyway that’s what I just did, sue me.  So this man wants to sell crack. Family man say late twenties early thirties, family in Florida for three weeks. I know him to work and help people get satellite tv on the cheap, lives locally. Two weeks ago L calls, new guy wants customers will help those who help him, L explains. He will give me credit cos L vouched, I am staunch, my name is my name and I respect it so you will find nobody calling me for dishonesty among thieves. I always pay my bills, L stated, the new boy was sold plus he needed a trustworthy addict to lay some of the cost on, me. He was smoking the crack and because I have been where he is I can see the full picture, he has money saved, wife’s away he will play. Good for her it is crack and not women, I just mean if he is gonna be sinning, then crack is just cash that can be got back,  opposed to irreparable damage  if he jumped in the sack. Told him to not let me go past 20 and he obliged and got paid. Then I call one night and he has only got powder, I ask for a ten in powder saying I will wash it to crack, he asks me to go round, I do.  Then its the questions as if talking will tell him wether to trust me, can u wash? Properly? R u good? Have you done it before? Then, if you mess it up or lose any you have to pay for it, now this is the moment where our future relationship will be determined, if I answer confidently, I wont lose a bit, as opposed to stopping him in his tracks and telling him no, then he has got the mental edge, but if I tell him that wont work, I have it,  I know he is smoking too much while spending too much and is looking for any safe way to keep smoking. The one person with him all the time is a raging crackhead just out of jail. As well as giving me powder he wants me to wash .5 for him so I do it all together. Get it all back, just call me DR. Science eh, anyway I forget to ask for pay or accept one pipe because I was getting a ten. He gave me a load of weed as well for nothing, I saw all I needed to know the whole scene.  Today I know he is stood around the cooker in the kitchen smoking, as soon as it is washed he has a pipe stood up and then the other kid has a pipe. Non stop for days, today I call with an offer, simple offer, do you want to buy me half tenth till Wednesday? He will say no right? Wrong, he will think about wther he could get his money back if he did it. I offer him point two from eight leaving me with six for fifty payable next Wednesday. More importantly, it will leave him with 1.2 because he will buy a tenth for 100. I give him back 50 next week so he has after giving me point 6, 1.2 costing him 50. He will cut 5 to get his money back while smoking the rest. If he still has the 5 for sale when he has smoked his 7 stones then trust me he will smoke them satisfying himself that it was not too bad because N owes him fifty. I know how it goes because I have been there and I would not have, did not have, any one around me to take advantage of my weakness. I want to grab him and advise him but no, instead I make the deal as he agrees. I get one now till later and he says “you will have it wont you, on Wednesday?”  I reply, “i get that you mean you need it, want it back on Wednesday, not half one day all of it, you said it and I get it, now don’t say it again, it will be there don’t sweat on it!  I did not mean to tell him don’t ask again I just meant that he need not worry but his response was not appropriate in this game. He virtually crumbled, leave it there for now, getting it in a bit, have a good nite all, PEACE


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