Three in the afternoon and through blurry eyes I see rain falling. Wow I slept late. Coffee wash walk to the chemist. I am checking my tablets on the counter in t5he shop before leaving after yesterdays fiasco. Walking home I begin to focus on the day and realise I need a few things from the store. Strawberries, grapes cheese tomatoes, tuna, etc. I go and get them and as I reach my front door my kids mum just arrived tells me J is coming. Great news, I put my shopping away and hey presto the door knocks and J walks in, to the kitchen we go. Discuss payment and done. He wants to be left alone in my kitchen for an hour. I get £20 cash, 2 tenner stones and a few crumbs of b. Plus after he is done he has another job to do which is more pay. £40 worth of stone. I have made the universe appreciate me and this is my reward. Back to the store to spend the cash on topping up my shopping. If you don’t spend the money you could end up spending it on more smoke when yours has run out, been there b4, not today though ha.  Come back and tidy up because I have to be tidy before settling down for a smoke. Son gone work tells me to have dinner ready for 9 cos he is going out, daughter gone to meet her boyfriend, not sure about that, but I cant keep her in forever. The house is mine so I settle down to smoke but after one hit I get the urge to write so that is this, going back to the smoke, post tonight probly, I am great

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