Sunny Day In The Garden With My Thoughts

I was sitting on a chair in the garden relaxed free from worry. No I need to rephrase, worrying about nothing sitting in the sun. That gives an idea of the moment in time, my garden bathed in sun, the lawn trimmed, path cleared, trees hanging over two sides, private, it is my little piece of heaven. Magpies, squirrels, red breasts, pigeons, at the back a bunch of evergreen foliage keeps stuff rocking through out the year. Birds at 4am beats traffic at six, you know?  Squirrel grabbing her early morning nuts beats yob coming home while scratching his nuts, you know?  The breeze is really nice, one of the last free pleasures that still is of benefit to us all. Alone in my garden with my thoughts. How good does that sound? I am remembering when girls would say to me enjoying every syllable, “you are going to end up on your own!” Guess what? I am on my own and I love it. I only have to look at the body language to tell if you are suffering stress. Most relationships by their nature create stress, the kids are out I am enjoying life, that’s it, no stress. I listen to my friend when he is unloading and looking for a bit of man encouragement, I always get the feeling of satisfaction not from his stress but my lack of it.

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