Some times things happen for a reason. I am sure of it nay certain. Hillary Clinton are you serious? Who’s against her? I am just curious. That would be one Donald Trump, not even stumped I could not have faith in any one of them and not only that but is this not serious? Except for the fact that its funny. How far will people let themselves be fucked over it must be an experiment. Lets see what they do when we actually put the facts in front of the people, see if they react and it looks like they wont. Two candidates and they don’t, inspire me in fact they scare me but maybe I am just a scaredey  cat always afraid, mm, think not someones being played and it aint me, I know what I see. Truly all I can do is pray do I think it will help I cant say. I feel for the people who have been turned into large ignorant unaware accepting anything for the flag similar to a gang and a rag. Let the country be taken from within people soon become irrelevant.


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