Recovery is a worldwide phenomenon that helps many to heal. I am the pusher who loses punters to deal. Yet inside for those that win I feel. Many nights I am drawn to kneel.           Darkness surrounds me like a well worn coat, eyes like a cat I take a toke.  Joint burns my fingertips as I pull to the core making sure there is no more.  Nike air max crush the embers with some force, I am your dealer out till late par for the course. No I don’t have remorse. If it was not me then some other fool would sell it and you know its true.  The war on drugs means jack to me when the dealers run the banks that run the industry.  Tina a lady of the night, pulls up to the spot in a jag all white, three brown four white, vroom out of sight. Hippy Alan and a girl two white and a b phone rings consistently.  How could I give up this life for a so called job? Allow myself to get robbed, by the govt and their allies, not me ever sorry too wise. Got to do for yourself in todays society, quietly buy and sell and sell and sell that’s my choice I am heading to hell. Oh well!


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