You young’uns don’t know shit. Think every problem is solved with a bullet.  Cant fight cant think all you do is smoke and drink. Sell a little powder shout a little louder, desperate to be seen but get noticed by the team. Six in the mornin’ just when you start yawnin’ the boys in blue are calling. Door off the hinges smash volley Martina Hingis. Dumb motherfucker left a bundle in a coat pocket, its not rocket, science. Off you go to a cold jail cell and the sun is still rising, your hell. Straight five year bid no mercy from the judge off you go all alone, try smuggling in a phone. Welcome to your home for the next five years face will be full of those tattooed tears. You kids are dumb as fuck


2 thoughts on “Dumb

  1. Thanks for the kind words on my blog post. I love some of your poetry and would love to quote it if you allow. I will be adding to my blog. I have just started on my recovery.

    1. Thanks, yes of course you can use my work, you are most welcome for the words, I hope they helped a bit, I wont preach as I cant get to recovery fully yet, I will just say SMILE. When you feel down smile, it will make you feel better. Try not to feel down, look for the positive, its not all doom and gloom. Exciting when starting recovery, a lot of thoughts but the knowledge that you want it and are going for it give u so much to be thankful for, go bro

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