Made in Chelsea, one of my fav programs being shown on television right now. I do not know if it says anything about me that I like watching and listening to a set of people from the other side of the tracks. I especially get drawn to the manners and the language that the girls use. Somehow I feel an affinity for this rich set of people. Was I born in the correct place? Of course I was. On my mothers side I empathise with the middle class, au-pairs, boarding school, stiff upper lip. Raised by my father I am aware of my Jamaican ancestry, our family lived in Montego Bay, some still live there and I have half promised my auntie that I will save up and visit her this year with my daughter. We met in London earlier this year and my daughter felt an affinity towards her aunt and I sensed something positive between the two of them. Actually getting there is another matter but never say never. Made in Chelsea at 1am is unusual, not planned, just good fortune. Coming home late after an interesting evening I pick up the remotes and switch the ignition until I am looking at the perfectly rounded bottom belonging to Tiff Watson, as she gently dips a finger in the water while laying on a lilo in the middle of a sunny pool. If I had wished for a programme at this time then MIC would have been near the top of my list so I feel as if I am on the crest right now.

It began late last night when I sat in the living room accompanied by a good friend. My thoughts kept me busy while I chased my tail arriving in no place but unable to give up the chase. Quandary?  Distraction, deviation calculation, misconception, shame rears up with an instant motion, suddenly so sick truth potion. No time to deal, shoved down down down with consummate ease, I am a child scared of what I may feel. How convenient. Eventually I make a decision based on straight up addiction. Responsibilities all take a swing to the left in unison resulting in a gap that could be filled or ignored easily. Step one in the dance of illusion, performed by a wide variety of addicts, is the decision to dismiss the lists of calculus holding the correct solution that had been wrestled down to the bare minimum. Using the calculus correctly left no room for entertainment on pay day. So pondering away bam!  I I I am going to get one, I will give x 20 instead of thirty and see if I can find ten for him later in the week. What?!  Logic! Walking to the cash machine to grab a tenner. Phoning for one, getting it delivered in about fifteen mins. End of  the smoke and reality dictates the situation as to what happened nnext. Couldn’t sleep, looking online for cheap mobile phones all night. Found what I was looking for and felt confident my plan would succeed. So much so that the extra money I would make by finding a better phone at a lower price was immediately put to use. Like a warm fuzzy glow inside my stomach spreading that feeling to every part of my body.  The feeling is instantaneous and is replaced straight away by a less intense but still good feeling. Expecting the most wonderful gift to be delivered while standing in the doorway looking for the post man. So far no good. Twenty gbp down on current calculations. Online phone shop would not accept my payment. Shopped at 8am had to help myself a little, embarrassing  but I mainly do it for the thrill, not mainly, I mainly do it due to low funds but enjoy knowing I know the bases yet could still be the victim of humanity, circumstance. Slid into the post office to purchase credit for my electric card, and the feeling I had walking home was one of relief. Still need to get this phone before my daughter wakes. Hate to disappoint her. She expects to be going local phone shop to pick up a phone but I have seen better and cheaper more importantly I end up with a much needed twenty five toward the housekeeping. I walk the nartrow edge and am having to stay alert this keeps me competitive and aware.

A night scheming like a mad scientist had left me satisfied yet a little bit unsettled I had done it all by 10am including shopping etc. That was when the door knocked, 10am, I recall. My mood perked up when I saw this big smile at the front door, I knew to be expecting a visit but had been concentrating on the phone so much I was taken by surprise. Her beaming grin cheered me up  and not only did she look good she was helpful in a productive aspect, brains as well as beauty. Stepping out of her car we strode through the town centre and straight into the shop. Bought and we are driving back to mine very quickly. Impressive phone with a price to match quickly  procured with big help from my mate who drove us there and back. My daughter soon came down and gave me a squeeze. Her face was excited and happy and I squeezed her back watching her handle the phone. Mission accomplished. Turned my attention  to the evening meal .While  out grabbing stuff I picked up a packet called Italian chicken, the only ingredients needed to prepare the meal,  a red pepper, got one, a courgette a tin of chopped tomatoes 4 chicken breasts. Never had a courgette or prepared, one before, so I thought the dinner would be ok without one. That’s when the door knocked and along with her smile she passed me a bag telling me it was home grown. I carried ti through to the kitchen and put my face to the bag. All home grown vegetables at the top sat one courgette. I could be over reaching here and I do know this I have never before in my life come across courgette. Crossword puzzle answer maybe yet today I pick up a recipe needs one  I ignore it as I know absolutely nothing about them. The door knocks my friend brought a corgette from her plot as a gift. I was thinking that this is crazy. I can hear bare people saying coincidence, its nothing but I only arranged to meet up on the Thursday. Friday she comes equipped with veg and the very product I needed. Not your average fruit, you know?

I said that it is a sign that I will be having a real good day and I believed I was going to have a great day. Phone call at 11am bam! Midday earned a weeks wage in an hour. Money is not my God but to all of a sudden have access to an unexpected decent amount of cash helped to smooth out those little wrinkles that tend to appear deeper when I am on the edge. Helping a friend and getting ahead with my bills gave me an added sense of satisfaction that made it virtually impossible to keep the smile from my face. Then a smoke, not even crazy. Two for me one for my mate. Tea time find myself earning a small tidy sum for a few hours help. The night before our family sat together and watched a film. Hobbit, things are changing all the time. That corgette changed the course of my day dramatically, I still have no doubt, I had not seen my friend for seven months, yet she rocks up, anyway………..


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