Success, is what? the key to life maybe. The key to a good day? Success can be many things depending on ones perspective. For example, ever since the 16th June this year, 2016, my son and I have been going through a phase of miscommunication. Meaning he is trying his best not to talk to me. Now I love my son unconditionally and it hurts a little that he is going through this but I understand that he is growing in body and mind so can not see the bigger picture just yet. Also, ever since he stopped talking to me he has begun talking to his mother, first time in nearly a year. I take that as a success because although he appeared to be staunch in his refusal to talk to his mother I knew that they were both hurting because they love each other. I can handle his refusal to talk to me without feeling any hurt at all as I understand his reasoning, but the fact that it meant he began talking to his mum pleased me no end. That is a success to me. When I see them joking together it makes me feel really good. I still attempt to talk to him and sometimes he responds but mostly does not. Today I made myself a quick meal and as it was ready he walked into the kitchen informing me he was going to work. I knew he had no time to prepare a meal so offered him mine and he took it which to me was a success. So success can be many things on many levels, to me the small things are the big things. I raised my two kids alone and went through many a lonely evening when they were in bed and I was downstairs alone. To help me cope I had a little vice as we all have, mine was smoking. Now I say live and let live so if some drink so what? If some smoke weed that’s on them as long as the kids get catered for then there is no problem. I raised mine while always having a cheeky smoke mostly while they slept. They never went without food comfort love and warmth and all the things that kids need so I felt no way about my vice. Now my boy is older and is aware that I smoke a stone here and there he has decided he does not agree with it and we have had a few discussions where we aired our feelings on the situation. Unfortunately we have had to agree to disagree and that at first led to him calling me names which I told him I will not accept. Talk about anything but name calling is disrespectful and he was not raised that way so it was nipped in the bud. The only way he can deal with that is to not talk to me at all. When he is older he will see things differently so I don’t hold it against him rather I am proud that he has an opinion and sticks to it. I will always try and talk with him being the adult but every time I get a positive response I consider it a success.


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