Letter from my solicitor today. Another report from another expert. Positive feedback in my favour. The whole process does take time which is not a surprise to me. My father went through a long drawn out compensation case many years ago. The whole thing lasted over ten years from start to finish. I am in the second year of my case against my former GP. In that time we have had three reports back and they are all in agreement that I did not receive a reasonable duty of care. I should be glad and in a way I guess I am. The thing is though I am still suffering with various pains in my neck and hands and still trying to find a suitable solution that actually works. The fact that my hands can not be healed only managed because my GP refused to believe that I was in real pain annoys me so much. I want them to pay but not thinking about cash I just want them to acknowledge what they have done is really wrong. I think I was looked at as a person that was lying about my pain in order to get strong pain relief. I am aware that people try and deceive GPs in this way but that is no excuse because as in my case I was not lying and suffered for years without receiving adequate treatment. My records show that I used to be addicted to heroin and this is why my GP decided I was not being truthful with him. He never once left his desk to come and examine my neck any way. From early on he decided that I was lying and so just prescribed over the counter pain killers. I kept going back and he kept on giving me the same painkillers although I always told him they were not working. Who is he to decide? Eventually my hands went numb and my arms were affected so he had to try something else which finally led to me having surgery and the surgeon telling me that my hands could not be healed because it had taken too long for me to be referred to him.

I want the GP to realise that he can not just lump people into the same category because of their history or by the way they look. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect until they are proven otherwise. He has affected my life permanently with his misguided judgement and I hope he realises this so that in future it does not happen to somebody else.

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