Time To Change

While listening to the old New York mayor, guiliani, yesterday I could  hardly believe my ears. He believed that the BLM protestors are racist, the implication only suggesting that black lives matter and others are not bothered about. Ridiculous statement from a man that held a high position at one time. The protest comes about because many of the brutal acts perpetuate by law enforcement and being captured on smartphones are aimed at black people, mainly black men. BLM is the response to the shootings hence the title, BLM. I feel an agenda is being adhered to by trying to discredit BLM, there are some people trying to call BLM a terrorist organisation. The shooting of 11 police officers in Dallas was the work of a lone gunman. If there was the merest hint that he had accomplices they would be dead or in jail now. I imagine that the police will be furious at not being able to go out and avenge their losses. So much attention is focused on Dallas and America so the normal response to an L has to be curbed for a while but I bet the blacks in Dallas know whats coming. Guilliani reckoned that smartphones capturing all the incidents seem worse than they are it is just that everyone can see them. Not realising what he said because it is a conditioned nature to accept what happens as normal. It is well known and has been for years that cops kill blacks but when the whole system is structured to keep the black race down it is the norm and nothing will change. He believed that black rappers are saying fuck the police and that BLM are listening to this and wanting to kill police. Nonsense, even if they were still rapping an 80s message, they were just reporting on the injustice of their lives. Richard Pryor had a joke back in the 80s including one where he joked about cops killing niggars. Now when the situation is so bad that the only response is to make jokes about being killed by cops, you can imagine that it has been going on for decades. Decades of oppression only now being seen all over the world. The President should go out on his shield and support something that is right, fair and downright disgraceful to still be happening in the millennium. Police need to be held accountable for their actions simple as that. Nobody should be allowed to kill and not face justice for mistakes or blatant murder. The whole police force needs to go back and retrain to work in a manner befitting the title and the uniform. They are public servants for heavens sake and should act accordingly. They have an arrogance that just twists their role so approaching an officer becomes more than an ordinary encounter. Why is it still going on when the eyes of the world can see every killing on Youtube? The president went to Dallas to visit families of fallen officers but was condemned for not visiting the victims of the police. There has to be a group of people at the head of governments around the world knowing the policy and laughing at America for not having the courage to stand up to people leading them in a direction that many do not have the stomach for anymore. The president has a power and leaves office this year and what a way to go out and write his name in history as the one that made the police accountable. It is so obvious that it is the right thing to do and we all know it’s true. Imagine in the year Ali died the change finally coming? It is long overdue.


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