Baton Rouge

Why would the police arrest protestors at a peaceful rally? The day began with masses of protestors all sharing their grief together, all fed up of having to be involved in the biggest injustice around and on a giant scale. The police decided to police the peaceful protest equipped with assault rifles full body armour oh and tanks. There was a wonderful opportunity for the police to make a statement to the world. One of the most powerful forgiveness. Instead they portray the scene as one of tension and fear and mistrust. Almost as if they wanted to create some drama to have a reason to shoot. So if forgiveness is not on the table what is? Can people not have the right to protest now? That has a sense of totalitarianism I think. The people are the enemy. Police should be approachable. Instead they are arrogant and distant because they are trained and expected to follow the code of the job. How weak must these people be that the amount of officers that never complain and just follow even when not liking is negligible. The time is ready for one man to come forward and light up the world. The police sent a drone with explosives attached to go in and confront the cop killer in Dallas with the view of arresting him. When Dylan Roof murdered 9 people in a church the police bought him a cheeseburger. The difference is crystal clear to see yet it is extremely sad also. There does really appear to be a strong anti bias toward black people and it is so open now but it does not look as if any reform will happen. I would be dead if I lived in America and that’s a fact. I am a loving person and do believe we should tell people that we love them, often but I will not keep my mouth shut when something is not fair or right. The police over there offer no leeway when it comes to interaction. Shut your mouth, humiliate yourself and lie on the floor, now answer everything I say. Then you get shot. I never thought I would say it but the police in the UK are braver and better than yanks. In my dealings with feds I have had a mixed reaction. I have to say mostly fair, no doubt. Some totally out of order that make you glad you are in the UK. The most though have been fair, never had a beating, at 15 my first arrest was total bullshit. In court the officer told lies I was seriously shocked. I think my idealist kind of young mind still had that tinge of innocence so when I heard the story coming out of his mouth I was shocked angry and finally disappointed. I knew from then that the police are not too be fucked with, not taken for granted. I learnt how to play the game as well because the police barrister was shouting at me and coming out with I suggest you did this and that and I sat there and quietly refuted every suggestion, I knew he was wrong and or lying. The judge threw it out of court, acquitted..

There is a chance to move forward constructively right now but I don’t think the police want to change so hopefully the will of the people just might swing it. We hope no more lives are snuffed out with no regard.

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