James Bond and Parents

The job of a parent I feel is similar to that of an agent. You know like Bond, a secret agent, that’s right I said it! After such an announcement a follow up statement becomes necessary so here I go. Bond saves the world and gets the girls, something we all know. How is it like being a dad that’s what we want to know. Well no time to get the girl saving every penny to try and get to Disney world. Saving the world that’s the same, I do it again and again. Teaching a boy and a girl how to function in the world is my way of saving the world. 24 hours a day before you try and say something dumb and without pay. Bond gets no thanks everything he does is top secret, I get no thanks and I don’t expect it, still we are the same. Rugged good looking I suppose you would say I am lucky cos I got it cooking. He is said to be similar a matter of personal opinion on looks. We both know books we have it up top, passing on knowledge say we do a lot cos we do. Don’t know if I could manage to do all the stuff that he does. I  bet going school in an Aston Martin with the kids would really be a buzz. Just because. Now how the fuck is Bond like me? Mmm……. lets see. Try to visualize the sensation you feel for completing  a job well done or feel the emotion hearing “i love u dad” from your son. Then know that everything we do we earn no particular praise it is totally expected putting days on days. Humbly we have pride with ourselves knowing we are doing something good. Him on a global and me in the hood.

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