Eighteen Years

Young strong brash strolling the corridors purposefully till reaching the x-ray department. While sitting awaiting my time to be seen I looked around and studied my surroundings. I gently twisted my neck this way and that allowing the pain to send signals to my brain. Enough, I relaxed and settled in to the chair now allowing myself room for thought. A coincidence right down to the time,  a smile crept up to my mouth it was just after nine.  Interrupting my thoughts the sound of my name shouted, up I got and moved  toward it.   Needing a number of pics for the aid of my doctor, so he can treat me good and proper.  In and out without any drama feeling inside a whole lot calmer. Aggravating pain in my neck some nights I am a physical wreck. A little hope inside me now begins to grow, this could be the end of my worries you never can know.

Having taken care of business I again strolled the corridors this time in the opposite direction.  Did I forget to mention? A coincidence I recall saying without really telling.  Two birds with one stone two different reasons why I stroll alone, one for the x-ray now complete and the other reason I I have a meet. Today I make my way toward my lady because in the maternity ward she will be having our baby. Early this am I listened as she spoke and all of a sudden her water broke. I cannot kid and say we panicked alarmed because truth be told we were both rather calm. I grabbed her bag she took hold of my arm. The last I saw of her she was in a lot of pain it was twenty to nine and the nurse assured me I was good for time. Her hair was damp with perspiration as I sat beside her, she took my hand squeezing tightly and looked at my eyes, her natural beauty brought a tear to my eyes. Before too long the room filled with cries, our baby son announcing his arrival and that was the start of my job regarding his survival.

In three days time 18 years will have past since that day in the ward, the boy becomes a man and my job will be over as such, I put in much effort and love and all that good stuff that is required to raise a son in this day and age. Now his age will be 18 and he will be considered a man in his own right to live and grow into his life always learning. We have come full circle and I feel so proud when I think of the past eighteen years, there have been all kinds of emotions all kinds of fears. Now my job is complete in that I have raised a man and I will be there as much as I can but he is now in control of his own destiny, the circle of life that forever rolls on I have to say “I love my son”


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