UFC 199

When Dominick Cruz was given the decision ahead of T J Dillashaw  I was amazed but what can you do? Now Cruz fights T Js teammate Uriah Faber. Into round three and it is a terrific matchup so far.  I am hoping UF can beat this tricky fighter but so far he does not look like solving the problems Cruz sets with his mobility, like the Mayweather of the UFC in that he is hard to hit. Last round and UF is having problems even hitting Cruz so I guess the result will go to Cruz. UF was not good enough which should have been obvious cos if TJ couldn’t do it UF who is nowhere near as good as TJ had no real reason why he could win. Next fight is the middleweight champ Luke Rockhold defending his belt against the count Bisping. LR is the legitimate world champ at middleweight after conclusively beating Chris Weidman and I do not see the brit having much chance tonight, 5.23am in England. LR has an amazing array of skills and I personally can see him dominating the middleweights for a long time to come. Looking forward to ufc 200 where Jon Jones will be challenging Daniel Cormier in the hope of winning back his Light Heavy weight title that was taken from him by the ufc because of various problems he was going through at the time. Any way it is now tiiiiime for Luke Rockhold.Bisping just knocked out Luke Rockhold, this is a crazy sport WOW WOW WOW

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