1. Flames  glow flames grow  fear intensifies, orange fierce wild right before your eyes.           This moment is like something never known before, never even dreamed this close before  A life can be defined in moments like these, that rare event most will never have to face.    Instinct can now come into play, no time to analyse truth be told, anyway.                 Inside your skin emotions fight for attention, million mile an hour thoughts racing in every direction. An answer forming to the question of which direction, your feet turn for you and start off your body reacts to the motion. Every step true sure and swift this is the time when every cell in your being comes to the fore, everything else was to reach this time.  Arms cross and cover the top of the head and the eyes and next the crash of smashed glass as feet crash with bodily force through pane and wood. Imagine standing on air looking down and around and behind you. Can you? Feel the burst of fire heat your body to the core, then feel the breeze as you fall to the floor. Am I dreaming? Is this really real? No time to answer.   Just time to feel. Hit the ground and try to roll like they do in the movies.     On the floor safe from the flames you can only watch while your mind tries to figure.   Humans made for any situation go figure.

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