25.04.16 ALL IS GOOD

Monday morning, cloudy, gentle breeze blows drying the rain from the street. I am in the mood to make a change for the better. Glad to be alive now I am trying to make the most of my time. After all, as the past few days have shown, time is precious. Made my way to the chemist earlier and happened to see the buyer of my excess tabs. I came away with £12 that I did not have before. The usual procedure would have been to spend the 2 and go home with the ten and buy a stone. My inner strength  allowed me to spend twelve in the store which is a result. The crack has had a hold of me for twenty five years in varying degrees of intensity so it will take me a while to conquer it. It is the enemy so I will fight it all the way. Just signed for a parcel, it is a passport belonging to my son. He has waited a while for it and I am glad he has it at last.  Life is good. Peace to all


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