Most of us are born and have no idea where life is going to take us. We don’t know who will love us or who will inspire us, we just follow our path and things happen along the journey. One night after a club I found myself at a house with my best friend at the time and two girls. Soon one of the girls put a video in and pressed play. That moment I looked at the screen and I saw this guy acting and singing his ass off, I was mesmerised. I was a star   struck fan from that moment on, and today I am in shock. Prince has died at the tender age of 57. What.? I am in my room listening to the soundtrack to my life. I phoned my dealer and even though I have no money he came and sorted me out, I was not going to bother today. I cant describe the impact Prince had on me, I am devastated. He left so much to remind us but how long do we even have. Treat every day as if it is your last. PEACE AND LOVE


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